Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local

When I saw the challenge of today I immediately knew what to write about: Being a vegetarian.
This is absolutely a global issue, because the meat production and cosumtion is one of the reasons to the global warming.

I’ve been vegetarian since last summer, and I can truthfully say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. After having a quite long period when I’d been feeling depressed and unhappy I suddenly started feeling so much better. Because of the healthy way of eating my body seemed to feel better, and when your body feels good the mind often comes along.

Something else that’s good about choosing a veg lifestyle is that you do good for the environment. Creating a sausage made out of meat requires about 10 times the energy needed for creating a soy sausage.

But I’m not gonna keep nagging about all the positive things I’ve experienced since becoming veg, I guess you’ve all heard it several times already. But I still think it’s an important issue, which I also love talking about.