Turning off the phone

In today’s society we’re expected to be always accessible. If someone call or text you you’re expected to answer, preferably immediately.

A couple of weeks ago I shut off my phone during the weekend, I felt free when not having it there constantly calling for me to look at it. During that time I got more messages than I normally get in a week and I missed important things such as a friend who’d gotten hospitalised.

When I shut off my phone I felt free, but when I turned it on again it felt like I was lost, because I had no clue about what had happened in the world. That made me realise how much we depend on our phones, computers and other technical equipment.



I have finally found a design that I like. Hopefully I’ll stick to this for a while, been changing a lot since I started out.
But of course I open for criticism, do you have any opinions or tips about how I could make it look better? You’re free to tell, I won’t judge.

Let’s go nuts

I’m gonna write about my realtionship to nuts (the edible ones).

At the age of 3 I was at birthday party. Mom gave me a piece of chocolate, which I of course ate, but later I vomited under a table. After a while they found out I was allergic to nuts. 12 years have passed, and last week I was at hospital doing a new test. I’m now allowed to eat all nuts except peanuts. Of course I got really happy and went straight to the store to buy me some. The problem is that I can’t eat them. I can in theory, nothing will happen, but my mind stops me. Having a piece of chocolate with nuts in front of me right now, I’ve tried to eat it so many times and failed exactly as many. My body have registred an automatic fear of eating those things, it’s almost impossible breaking the fear.

All this makes me think about criminals. Nuts could possibly kill me before, and now I’m supposed to accept eating them. Criminals change, just as my immune system, and I think I’ve started to realise why forgiving someone who’s committed a severe crime can be so hard. The nuts could kill me before, what makes them unable to do so now?