Daily Prompt: Call Me Maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I uploaded a post about this yesterday, but I will add some extra thoughts which are more related to today’s prompt.

My phone is really important to me. I use it to listen to music, text friends sometimes, play games and search for information on the internet. I use it at least an hour a day. I don’t always think that it’s a good thing, and I don’t wanna depend on it so much, but of course I’m used to it and because of that I like it. 

I think the phone is a good and useful invention, but also something we sometimes dedicate a bit too much time. So the answer for me is that the phone to me is something in between.



Turning off the phone

In today’s society we’re expected to be always accessible. If someone call or text you you’re expected to answer, preferably immediately.

A couple of weeks ago I shut off my phone during the weekend, I felt free when not having it there constantly calling for me to look at it. During that time I got more messages than I normally get in a week and I missed important things such as a friend who’d gotten hospitalised.

When I shut off my phone I felt free, but when I turned it on again it felt like I was lost, because I had no clue about what had happened in the world. That made me realise how much we depend on our phones, computers and other technical equipment.